Cancellation and Policies


Please contact us with at least 12 hours prior to your dog's appointment for cancellation or reschedule. Your appointment is a reservation for One-on-One grooming service and we only take a limited number of dogs each day. A missed appointment is a loss of income to a small business, we appreciate your understanding. 


If an appointment is missed or canceled with short notice or no notice at all a $25.00 “No Show” / “Late Cancellation” fee will be charged. During heavy weather conditions we understand if any appointment needs to be re - schedule.


Late Arrivals

To have a smooth day and accommodate everyone's need, we expect our clients to arrive early 5 min prior appointment is the ideal. If you do not arrive in time and you are on your way a 15 minute grace period will be given. Due to our tight schedule, we cannot guarantee your dog been groomed if you arrive 15 min after your appointment, We value our time with your dog and we are very proud of the services and quality we offer to your fur baby, we don't appreciate rushing our furry clients because of late drop off. 

Late Pick-Ups

We are not at boarding salon, we would love to keep your dogs longer but as a small salon and by city requirements we can not have multiple dogs at a time, to guaranty a free crate and safe environment we will give you a 10-15 min head up to pick up your dog plus 15 min grace period after, if you haven't arrive a "Late pick up fee" will be apply $10.00 for every 10min.

Please be considerate and respectful of your groomers time

 Thank you for understanding!