Who are we and why us?

Doggie gone grooming assures happiness and wellbeing of your dog as our number one priority. Here we work at your dog's pace and special needs, we approach your pet with Calmness, Comfort & LOVE, reducing unnecessary anxiety and stress cause by grooming.

One-On-One appointment

Doggie gone grooming is not a grooming factory. We believe in our One-On-One service, meaning that we have only one groomer working with one dog at the time, this help us to keep a calm and quiet space to reduce anxiety and unnecessary stress, building a better relationship with your dogs, remember he is not just a dog, he is family and we want to make sure he is happy and safe under our care.

We have a positive approach to our grooming services reinforcing trust, we do not believe or agree with your dog being force and push to anything, we like to work at your dog's needs and pace, this is a time for your dog to be pamper, grooming is not a punishment.

We prefer not to crate your loved ones, which is why we request for your pet to be pickup when their groom is finished, we will always call or text 15-20min before they are ready for pick up.